International Shadow Festival / 2017

The IV FIS - International Shadow Theater Festival is a unique event of this theatrical genre of the American continent. It offers free shadow theater performances for the population of the Vale do Paraíba region, near the city of São Paulo, with extension of geographical capillarity that includes the rural area in the circulation of shows and workshops. Focusing on the formation of the public, promoting this theatrical genre, sharing research in this area through seminars, exchanges between national and international artists and training of new artists through courses and workshops. The warm and cozy atmosphere of friendship and exchange of experiences that we consolidate in the last editions includes as part of the program the permanence of the artists throughout the event in the city, chats after the presentations, sharing tables and workshops.


`Why a shadow theater festival?


Shadow theater is a primitive, live-action cinema that produces a dialogue with contemporary imagery and offers especially for young people and children the possibility of understanding the backstage of cinema, how the script is created, what choices the Director does and how this is accomplished. Our great inspiration is the filmmaker Lotte Reiniger who produced the first animated feature film with silhouettes - The Adventures of Prince Ahmed / 1926 - Berlin. The shows that we invite are like live cinema and are part of a movement that gains followers around the world. A cinema made live, by actors and performance that research and work with the moving image. The theater of shadows as well as the magic lantern is a primitive cinema that in the FIS - International Festival of theater of shadows the public has contact with this art presented live in real time. There is a great festival of shadow theater that takes place in Germany, here in the Americas the FIS is the first and only festival of this genre that presents the research of these artists who produce live cinema through the technique of shadow theater and other contemporary techniques such as maniading Images and real time editing and searches in this area. Inspired also by the artist Helio Oticica who produced a catalog with the title of QUASE CINEMA where he presents the research of plastic artists who made a living cinema, the moving image.