artistic residency

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Experiencing the Shadow Theater of
Cia Teatro Lumbra

May 8-10, 2019
Metropole Theater / Taubaté
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Vacancy: 20 people

Selection: by order of registration until completing the vacancies

Note: Entries will be confirmed by email, telephone and / or  on the website


Investigation of language through sensitization of the senses. It focuses on the creative process, the experimentation of the individual and the integration with the different understandings of the group, generating reflection, discussion and collective exercises.
The participant experiences concepts, processes and technologies involved in the art and expressiveness of the shadow theater of Cia Teatro Lumbra, investigated in more than 20 years of trajectory.

The content contemplates the sensitization of the senses with games, expressive resources, concepts of shadow and shadow theater in the ancient and modern world, rudiments of the theater of contemporary shadows, space, darkness, screen, focus of light and shadow on the scene, exercises of body creativity, figure construction, static and dynamic scene composition, dramaturgy, investigative process, sources of consultation, technical demonstration , exchange of experiences and distribution of didactic material.

      Audience and age group

From 16 years old

Theachers, college students, theater and film directors, dancers, actors, puppeteers, set designers, light designers, fine artists, musicians, filmmakers, psychologists, publicists, communicators, art educators, storytellers and onlookers.

      About Cia Teatro Lumbra

         Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil

Research and experience modern shadow theater languages and techniques by creating works, teaching experiences and performing experiences that unite art, science, philosophy, psychology and the supernatural. The productions have their recognition through artistic prizes in the theater and the wide participation in the national territory and in international festivals.