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 05 up to 12 of may

The VI FIS - International Shadow Theater Festival resists the times of difficulty that the world goes through with the power to bring spectators joy and hope through the ancient art of the shadows. It is the only event of this kind that happens in Brazil and circulates in six cities in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in addition to serving the rural population. Its objective is the exchange of experience and sociocultural exchange between artists and the local population. It has received 32 companies in recent editions, of which 14 from abroad, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina and others from Brazil.
It comprises an average audience of 1500 spectators per edition, including artistic residency, seminars, courses and performances. In this edition, we will receive 8 companies from Japan, Germany, Spain, Argentina and Brazil that will travel in the cities of Taubaté, São Luiz do Paraitinga, Pindamonhangaba, Jacareí, São José dos Campos and Lagoinha.


The Cia Quase Cinema has as mission since its foundation, to foment, to produce and to investigate the theater of shades. Since 2014 we have been working to gather national and foreign groups in the interior of the state of São Paulo in an exchange of ideas, practices and dialogues on the contemporary production of shadow theater. Our focus is to foster a taste for the ancient art of shadow theater among the population that is around our headquarters in the city of Taubaté, Vale do Paraíba region.
We have the focus of taking the shows to the rural area, for the population that never went to the theater fulfilling an important social role of attending a population where the arm of the state does not reach. We also invest in the training of new artists so that Brazil becomes a reference in this ancient art, so we offer artistic residency with specialists in this art so that young artists can research and produce shadow theater performances in Brazil. All activities are free so that anyone can have contact with the art of shadows that is for us a live cinema.

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Kingdom of shadows
Mochinosha Puppet company

With approximately 300 silhouettes projected on a large screen, the show creates the sensation of watching live animated films. The show deals with a contemporary phenomenon of FOMO ("fear of losing something"), one of the causes of sleep deprivation, which in turn is hurting our dream of life and imagination. Our hope with this show is that the children who watch it are inspired to spend less time of their lives on their phones and more time dreaming.

There is a magical kingdom where it is always night. An owl that is tending the kingdom has forbidden sleep.
Can a child stop the owl before our dreamless dreams destroy the world?
Join us as we create a live cinema in front of your eyes to take you on a journey to the Shadow Realm.
The show is an adventure in shadow theater in a cinematic style. Aimed at children and young hearts.

Duration: 60 min
Age rating: Free (from 5 years)

Remote Control - Sandokhan Dancealot & d


Remote Control
Sandokhan, Dancealot, & Die Trommel des Todes

A performance that unites projection, live sand painting, shadow theater, dance and live music. In front and behind the projection the 3 artists show the magic of the shadows with sand, dance and music. A shadow trapped in a world of 2 dimensions. How to escape into the 3rd dimension, step out of the picture and become a real being? Is the 3rd dimension really the freedom or just the next level of a great game? The story changes boldly and with breathtaking speed between watching TV, a dreamlike universe, the wild west and a sword fight from the east.

Running Time: 45 min
Age rating: Free


Ten Years of Shadow
sombras chinas

Tribute to the ten year history of the Company making spectacles of shadows. It is the birthday party of all the characters made with the shadows of the hands. Something ephemeral, but lasting in memory for its simplicity and its curious stories. A typical theater style in the nineteenth century Paris, before the cinema, which does not die, which awakens the desire to play with the shadow of each one the public. A collection of stories designed by everyone through the magical movement of hands and small accessories. The best scenes of these 10 years that unite the different Chinese shadows arts: silent cinema, magic, doll, comedy, music, the visual arts, the theater, the animated figure. Without words, as if it were a craft film. From the beginning of time man has lived with his shadow. Converted into art for thousands of years, shadows have run the world through history from east to west.

Running Time: 45 min
Age rating: 10+

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Cia Olveira Salcedo

The starting point is the German medieval legend, which tells how a flute player releases a rat pest in the city of Hamelin and later saves the city children from the adults who have not kept their promises. A story that presents a rotten, decadent society that needs change. In this version, in addition, to reinforce this idea, children are unfairly accused of crimes committed by rats.

Duration: 45 minutes
Age rating: Free (from 5 years).

BRAZIL / São Paulo

Nhanderuçu, the thunder Boy 

Grupo Manuí

The show tells the saga of Nhanderuvuçu, the first human being. Born from Tupã's dream, the thunder boy was very light and could not stay on earth, he receives from the Creator the orientation to go to the four sacred directions, where he finds the nandejaras, teachers who teach them to live on earth and, finally, to help Tupã in the creation of all the things that exist. On stage, the story of the thunder boy comes to life through the combination of staging and storytelling, sound reproduction and indigenous songs performed live, shadow theater and projection of videocenaries, which dialogue throughout the show and convey to the audience all the emotion of the journey of Nhanderuvuçu when finding the nandejaras (a rock, a palm tree, an ounce and a silver serpent), in a fun, poetic, sensitive way that enchants children and adults.

Duration: 50 min
Age rating: 12+

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Brazil Brasilia

2 Worlds
Cia Lumiato

Inspired by the colonization of America and the territories of the whole world, the spectacle leads the viewer to travel for a time past that finds continuous analogies with the present. 2 WORLDS tells the story of the encounter of two opposing cultures, where the deepest feelings and motivations of humanity are revealed. When in the clash of differences explodes the struggle for life, the death of a young man happens bringing a new hope.

Running Time: 45 min
Age rating: 12+


 BRAZIL / São José dos Campos

Wake up Alice!
Cia Titerritório

The show Acorda Alice !!! It immerses the protagonist in the Wonderland through a series of images in theater of shadows that portray the work of Lewis Carrol of unusual form. Without words and with striking images, the Company seeks a new look to this classic. Alice glimpses, moves on, enters into conflict, but leaves us a question: Is this a wonderland? The result of a series of researches and questionings, it was concluded that Alice, a curious teenager, in conflict with reality, awakens and is faced with a society that she herself strangely.

Duration 40min
Age rating: 9+

Artistic residency


BRASIL / RS - Porto Alegre

Experience In The Shadow Theater
Cia Teatro Lumbra

Investigation of language through sensitization of the senses. It focuses on the creative process, the experimentation of the individual and the integration with the different understandings of the group, generating reflection, discussion and collective exercises. The participant experiences concepts, processes and technologies involved in the art and expressivity of the shadow theater of Cia Teatro Lumbra, investigated in more than 20 years of trajectory. The content includes the sensitization of the senses with games and games, expressive resources, shadow concepts and shadow theater in the ancient and modern world, rudiments of contemporary shadow theater, space, darkness, screen, light focus and shadow in the scene, exercises of corporal creativity, the construction of the figure, the composition of static and dynamic scenes, dramaturgy, investigative process, sources of consultation, technical demonstration, exchange of experiences and distribution of didactic material.





LIVE CINEMA WITH mochinosha puppet company

Day: 06.05 

from 14h to 16h

at Teatro Metrópole/Taubaté
20 participant