Ronaldo Robles

Artist, performer and director, graduated in Social Sciences / USP, with emphasis on anthropology of theater and drama. Found in shadow theater the way to express his ideas and research your art. Founder of the Almost Cinema Cia. Currently directs, writes and acts in shows the Company giving special treatment to the imagery, spatial and symbolic search of the shadows.

Silvia Godoy

Lightening designer, dancer, director and performer, graduated in Communication and Arts of the Body at PUC / SP, search peformer body awareness and the role of light in the scenic area, giving special treatment to prepare the performer for the theater of shadows. Founder of the Cia Quase Cinema, directs and acts in spectacles.

Rafael de Paula

Graduated in the Technical School of Performing Arts at the School of Arts "Maestro Fêgo Camargo", currently works as a technician and actor at Cia Quase Cinema. Participated in the Festival Theatre JACAREI, Festival Theatre Taubaté and Festil Pindamonhangaba with the play "Guava and Cheese" by Cia BalakkoBacco. Performed at the premiere of the show  "Much Life Severina" by Cia Quase Cinema by the time he started to work in the company.

Graduated in the Technical School of Performing Arts at the School of Arts "Maestro Fêgo Camargo" in 2008. Since 2009, he has been a member of Cia Quase Cinema, as a technician, producer, actor and graphic designer. He currently work  is as Artistic Producer of Teatro D'Aldeia, in São José dos Campos. Also it composes the cast of the show "Radius, Rapunzel ...", of the Company TiTerritório - Puppet Theater.

He started his career in 1989, took part in the most important festivals in Brazil, such as: FIS (International Festival of Shadow Theater), 3 editions of the International Canela Puppet Theater Festival, SESI Puppets of the World, SESC MIRADA (Festival Ibero Americano de Santos), FITRUPA (International Festival of Street Theater of Porto Alegre), Porto Alegre in Scene, Titeres a Toda Costa (International Festival in Uruguay) among others. It's part of the show "Urubus no Ar" of Cia Quase Cinema.

rafael soares

charles kray

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