Theatre in the Community from the Country : A means of enhancing the country life 2011




Prize awarded by FUNARTE aesthetic Interactions


This time in the countryside of São Luiz do Paraitinga , our partners - rural school district of St. Benedict and kitchen of the house of Mr. Euclides.


The project benefited from the realization be possible to hold workshops and deideias exchange and culture in the farm kitchen. I believe that this is the biggest gain we had because asimples kitchen of Mr. Euclides served as office space for the realization of meetings, workshops , dialogues, project research and assembly of small scenes. And that espaçoque learned a lot about the local culture : learn from children , adults jovense the true sense of the word live, for that community life is simple but full of meaning and joy.

In the fields when it comes to the night the stars paint the sky during the day and the clouds run livresda pollution. The mountains seem to speak something and birds dance all the time between umaárvore and another. There is poetry in everything we look at , this place is certainly privileged paraos eyes of those who seek poetry in colors and shapes. The waters of the rivers that cross land asestradas make a magical sound ; timeless. Stop the car on the road to see umaqueda d' water , waiting for the cows to pass then continue the journey is something we fazrepensar values ​​, rethinking the dynamics of spacetime that guides our urban relations , this universe field put us in the position of apprentice.

There is so much to learn with eyes amid this diversity of colors, shapes and textures , as there is also a lot to learn with the ears amid the sounds of birds, oxen , trees swaying leaves and still have time to learn the silence people , learn from hands on earth , wood , learn the taste of fresh fruit foot écolhida and mostly learn from children simple farm games.

One who surrenders to the field and can understand his poetry , see beyond the stars and go unnoticed nãodeixa the little ant that carries your food home. This bucolic landscape takes us back to Almeida Junior paint and fashions viola , moreover, helped to create along with children and young people of the locality small scenes of shadow theater that depict that place . Our work was born of the plastic universe with the making of the puppets and scenery and spent the choice of soundtrack and manipulation of puppets.

Teatro de Sombras
Teatro de Sombras